Petit Komité Cerveser

At the end of July 2023 and without making too much noise, we presented the new project called Petit Komité Cerveser: a meeting of BBF’s friends in a beer space to share a beer tasting with a different theme for each occasion. 

The Petit Komité Cerveser is a small project (for few people), but of great content and satisfaction. The Beer Events team’s trips are always a good excuse to showcase exclusive beers from around the world. 

VOLUME I: VALENCIAN BEER. Okasional Beer, Barcelona 12 July 2023

It was presented as a ‘beer trip’: we reproduced the trip we had just made through the Valencian Community visiting some of its breweries. We asked each brewery to tell us which beer they would like to represent them for the tasting; and so, while we tasted them, we explained their projects and their history. We occupied the Okasional tasting room (Xavi is always so willing!) and we spent almost two and a half hours enjoying the anecdotes and the beers.

However, the main reason for our visit to Valencia was to make a collaborative beer with Vicent Bernal of COSA NOSTRA BREWING, the brand-new winner of the award for the best brewery of 2023 at the prestigious Barcelona Beer Challenge International Awards. We met Vicent and brewed together a session IPA that we decided to call Barcelona Nostra. And since we were presenting it on 19 September 2023 in Barcelona, we decided to organise volume 2 of Petit Komité Cerveser.

VOLUME II: COSA NOSTRA BREWING CO .15 Taps, Barcelona 10 September 2023

The chapter of this meeting revolved around the beers of Cosa Nostra with the presence of its brewer, who generated so much expectation that in less than 6 hours the few tickets on sale that we have on the BBF website were sold out. In addition, the tasting was held at the new 15 Taps bar (another mega-dedicated Xavi) at 108 Floridablanca street in Barcelona: so many reasons not to miss this select event!

VOLUME III: JAPANESE BEERS. Gaijin Sushi, Barcelona 10 October 2023

After MIKEL SAN RÍUS’s trip to Japan as a judge, a tasting was held with a tasting of 3 Japanese tapas and 5 exclusive beers that Mikel brought back from his trip.  The small group was able to taste for the first time in Europe 5 unique beers that were accompanied by the great food of Gajin Sushi (thank you for hosting us!).


VOLUME IV : BAMBERG NACHTS. Noumades, Barcelona 21 December 2023

Judit and Mikel’s trip to BirraAventura (Brauvebiale and Bamberg) was so nice that they prepared a tasting of several German beers. The attendees traveled with them, who in addition to tasting some of the BIG classic beers, both hosts explained several anecdotes of their BAMBERG NACHTS. Thanks to Noumades for their hospitality!

VOLUME V: MEGABLENDS TOER DE GEUZE. Barna Brew Born, Barcelona 21 May 2024

The Beer Events team travelled to Flanders to know the Toer de Geuze firsthand and thanks to Visit Flanders, we organized a vertical tasting of Megablends, unique and exclusive beers that are a blend of lambics from producers that are part of the Toer de Geuze. The tasting took place in the recently opened Barna Brew Born (how nice we were!) and we tasted very unique and special beers and the attendees got to know a bit more about Flanders and the history of the Toer. We finished the Toer with a sweet tasting of Flemish chocolates (delicious!) brought to us by Angeles from Visit Flanders. thank you!!!!


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20 de September de 2023