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The University of Lille organised an International Conference ‘Colloque international / International conference’ with the following title: ‘LES ” TERRITOIRES DE LA BIERE ” : PROMOTION TOURISTIQUE ET DEVELOPPEMENT DURABLE ‘ /'”BEER TERRITORIES” : TOURISM PROMOTION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT’ on the 15th and 16th of September 2023.

During these two days, the University of Lille together with the dynamising company/agency Echappée Bière organised a series of lectures, workshops and round tables around Beer Tourism, the central theme of these days, and where Beer Events was invited to participate with an interesting presentation.

Authoritative voices from all over the world presented, debated and exchanged ideas on the contribution of this new tourism at sustainability, economic, cultural and territorial levels; on how it can be organised, visualised and exploited; examples of existing routes and explored models were shown and new models and ideas to be taken into account and adapted in other territories were debated. 

Obviously Beer Events, as an expert company in this field, and under the conference entitled ‘Les clés de la création d’expériences touristiques dans les brasseries artisanales de Catalogne: de l’origine à la dégustation, la chaîne de valeur cruciale dans les stratégies de construction d’une destination touristique de la bière’, we were present and showed the projects that we have created and dynamised within our sector, plus a preview of how we are developing the strategic plan together with some factories that want to transform their workshop and define a new tourist activity inside, generating a highly visible and interesting secondary activity.

After Judit Càrtex’s presentation, there was an interesting question and answer session and a mini-debate on the value of these new products, this new organised activity, in this case focused on our country.

Participating in this type of conference enriches us and makes us very proud given the high level of presentations, speakers and exchange of ideas. You can find the full programme here.


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19 de September de 2023