La Pirata 8th Anniversary Party

Súria, 21 October 2023

Many years as home brewers, three years as a nomadic brewery and since 10 October 2023, 8 years as an established brewery, 8 years of La Pirata Brewing, they deserved a big party.
And the fact is that, from the original project of two passionate, brave and somewhat ‘hooligan’ (in the nicest sense of the term) brothers to the present day, La Pirata Brewing has managed to find its place in the world. Their more classic ‘cuore’ beers coexist masterfully with the more dynamic catalogue and more daring and modern styles, they work marvellously with barrels and they are daring with an acid project that will be much talked about… as can be seen in the prizes they have won year after year at the Barcelona Beer Challenge International Awards. But Aran León is also one of the most respected and loved head brewers, his fun but firm character and his vision of the sector led him to the presidency of GECAN, the craft and natural beer brewers’ guild.

To celebrate the 8th Anniversary, La Pirata Brewing had the collaboration of the Beer Events team for the organisation and coordination of the event: the tremendous collaboration between La Pirata- SOMA, a hoppy beer called ‘EWALU (8 in Hawaiian) was presented in a tropical atmosphere, as the party had a tiki-surferous atmosphere, a lot of Hawaiian shirts were seen, punk-surt was played by the band Destroy Babylon. The tropical warm up was provided by the DJ collective ‘Wake Up Jamaica’, and after the gig, another collective, ‘Dancing Mood Selector (DJ)’, closed the party with more ska and reggae, tasty food based on ‘takos’ by Machete and of course, lots of Pirata beer!

Previously and in the afternoon, there was a ‘walk’, a small excursion with almost 100 participants with departure and arrival at the brewery with its beer finale was the starting point of the subsequent party, right there, on the brewery’s esplanade and inside the magnificent TapRoom.

Long live La Pirata and keep celebrating!


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6 de November de 2023