Marfeel Corporate Barbecue Party

Barcelona, September 2021. 

Marfeel, the leading company in adtech innovation and programmatic advertising technology, contacted Beer Events to organize an anniversary-barbecue party to celebrate 10 years of its Barcelona branch.

Marfeel’s assignment for Beer Events was to set up a craft beer bar to invite all their employees during the birthday barbecue. The bar, properly customized for the occasion, offered the attendees quality craft beer. 

Beer Events took care of everything: from the previous preparation, the selection of beers, the customization of the bar exclusively for the event, all the necessary material, assembly and disassembly and service personnel (always specialized). 

This party was a starting signal after the confinement, where after a long wait the craft beer taps started to sprout again little by little.


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12 de September de 2021