In November 2017, La Fábrica Moritz Barcelona hired Beer Events to support the guided tours and tastings held at its headquarters in Barcelona’s Ronda Sant Antoni. After an initial definition and training process, a team of Beer Events staff started to guide these tours and tastings.

The Moritz Factory is an emblematic space of the city that was renovated in 2011 by the prestigious architect Jean Nouvel respecting the old brewing facilities. It is exciting for every brewer to see and touch the cement fermenters where other brewers brewed already in the nineteenth century. Pure history and industrial heritage to show off.

The Beer Events team formed to carry out the tastings and visits has two very important characteristics: High knowledge of beer (ingredients, brewing, styles and beer culture in general) and skills in group dynamics to carry out activities and positive experiences for the participants.

Nearly seven years later (and a pandemic that lasted many months) we have recently celebrated the 200 visits and/or tastings given at the Moritz Factory. We are very proud of this event, helping to do a great job of disseminating beer culture in our city.


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7 de June de 2024