Nov 15, 2018

The Flea Market lauchs at the Encants Nous with an edition at the Mercè festivities with a local craft beer bar.

The Flea Market is one of the main second-hand markets in the city. Born in Drassanes (where we were neighbors in some edition of the BBF in the Museu Marítim), they have been growing and extend their philosophy to many other projects. In this edition of the Fiestas de la Mercè, they organized a second-hand market in the Encants Nous. A project understood in a multidisciplinary way with music, food and craft beer.

From Beer Events, we made the management of the beer space. Under the Barcelona Beer Festival brand, we invited four brewers from the city (Garage Beer, Edge Brewing, Birra08 and Cerveses Almogàver) to bring their beers so that market participants could enjoy them.

Beers that had a great reception, ending most of them. A great day of shopping, good food, good music and, above all, great beer!